Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last Gasp of Summer

It's all over for this year, or will be soon.

But my Swing Garden is overgrown enough so that there are still more than a few warm late afternoons to sit out by the fountain.

That hanging coleus I bought in May is now too large to fit entirely in the picture frame - no idea what I'm going to do with it this winter -I hate to see it die, but cold will eventually kill it in January in the greenhouse, and the cats will eat it inside - not an acceptable action, since coleus leaves are poisonous.

This normally red-and-green leafed coleus has mutated into dark purple and green.

And the pond papyrus plants have exploded - they will winter over nicely in the greenhouse and be nack next year. They always remind me of the Moses-in-the-bullrushes story. No floating babies in the pond yet.

Water cannas have bloomed twice, and are trying to start again.

This Exhilaration coleus loves the afternoon sun. The leaves almost pop up and seem to glow.

And lastly - late afternoon sun, last gasp before twilight, laying on the Autumn Bronze coleus.

If you were all closer, I'd send a coleus home with everyone of you. That's how many I have - and no place to winter any of them. I swear we only started with five or six, but they multiply, and get much bigger.

Maybe I can send them to my mom's for the winter. Or at the very least, take cuttings and let them live through their grandchildren next spring.


  1. Clip some long stems from your colius and buy some of the plant gel and keep them in a large vase inside and they'll root... and next spring you can replant them.

  2. It's sad watching the garden wind down for the winter, but we can look ahead to spring by planting some bulbs now!


  3. Fall is a beautiful time with the changing colors, but there's a sadness too as the spring and summer plans slowly fade...

  4. I need to get some coleus, I meant to in Spring when you were posting about them. So pretty.
    As intense as Spring and Summer can be in the gardens, I kind of welcome Fall and the wind-down, even if it is at times bittersweet.