Saturday, December 12, 2009

Washable Produce Bags

A couple weeks ago I received a great offer from Mother Earth magazine: the entire Mother Earth news archives from 1970 through 2008, on CD, for $29.95 (the deal is still available). As an extra incentive, they threw in a pack of 6 washable reusable produce bags.

I actually received the CD within days, and had completely forgot about the produce bags until they arrived today.

These nifty little bags are such a simple idea: scrap nylon net, with a lightweight nylon drawstring at the top. Perfect for letting fresh produce breathe, and washable! You can take them to the store or farmers market, use them to store veggies or fruit in the frig, and I'm thinking I can stuff my pockets full of them when I go to pick blueberries next summer.

Plastic bags emit ethylene gas, causing produce to ripen more quickly than they should. You may have seen the green plastic produce bags sold on TV - they've been treated not to emit the gas, but, hey, they're still plastic. These nylon net bags eliminate the whole problem.

The bags measure 11" x 14", and there are 5 for $6.99. Plus the bag they are packaged in is another net bag, size 8"x12". If I had my druther's, I think I'd like at least one just an inch longer, for celery and romaine (we buy a lot of romaine), but other than that, this is a great little deal and another step closer to being green.

This is a family owned business founded by Cindi Valverde, a great idea and lots of value for the price:

FTC Disclaimer: They didn't give me the bags. Mother Earth News did, but only after I bought their Archive CD, which is pretty cool too.


  1. I'm no sewer, but I think it would be pretty easy to make a couple "celery-sized" bags. The nylon mesh looks like (oh I'm so gonna be blasted for this) "Spanish Tulle," and by that I mean the poofy netty layer of like quincenara (sp?) dresses. I don't think regular tulle is "nylony" enough to withstand a lot of washing...but still.

  2. I'm no sewer either, nor do I play one on TV, and I'm not sure what Spanish Tulle is,but the bags look like net, but are very soft. I always think of net as stiff scratchy stuff.
    Otherwise, I'm thinking they'd be easy to make, if I was a sewer....

  3. WOO HOO!!! Those are some cool bags! We have the cloth sacks that we use at the store for produce, but we've found they're no good in the fridge & also that funky-science-expirement food stains are a bitch to get out.

  4. Thank you to all of you for all of your nice comments.
    I am the inventor of Washable Produce Bags and We are so excited to share them with everyone. These bags are catching on like wild fire. We have our bags in lots of different stores. If you would like to have them in your store let us know.
    Just go to and e-mail us.
    Thank you again,

  5. Happy New Year Cindi! Wishing the best to your company in 2010- love to see green companies flourish!