Thursday, September 2, 2010


Now I know what kills morning glories....

Found this a day or so after the last heavy rain - not on all the leaves but sporadically. Pretty much like....hmmm.....just like it had randomly come down in...oh, THE RAIN maybe?

This is normal after the first light frost.

But this was August, and this is Virginia, and our daytime temps are in the upper 90s, meaning nighttime temps are in the mid-80's.

No frost here. Trust me. Not even in front of the air conditioner.

Without any scientific proof, I'm voting dispersant, carried in water picked up from the poor mistreated Gulf of Mexico. My other choice would be acid rain, which may or may not be better.

And, yes, other plants have the same symptoms, but the morning glories make it through *anything* - nothing fazes these guys. Except apparently dispersant. Or acid rain. Morning glories are the proverbial canary-in-the-mine.

Thanks, BP. Like I can't screw my garden up enough on my own.

Now I'm kindof glad we have no tomato crop coming in, because I wouldn't be eating them.

On the bright side (for me), a drastic turn of events for some close friends (waving to Deb) meant they relocated their outside furniture and various garden implements to our house.

So now the Swing Garden will have the appropriately comfy southern white wicker furniture, just as soon as I get the 20 backed-up projects cleared out and make space for it. We'll give it a good home till you need it back.

Shepherd Girl and Buddha came with the wicker furniture - they aren't happy about the dispersant either. Or possibly their new home. Or both.

As always The Angel is hopeful, even though she's been tag-teamed with the pagan Gnome (she is at our house after all, complete with Fairies in the garden...).

Wait till she gets a load of Halloween at our house.

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  1. Hey!Carole My morning glories FINALLY bloomed, though not as beautiful as yours. But they're my first, so not too bad for a start. Thinking of you NOT eating your tomatoes had they done well made me think of all the ones we did eat - great! Now I'll be wondering what unknown addditives were on them.:) Shepherd Girl & Buddha are going to love living at your house!