Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitty Contributions to the Budget Deficit

One of my interests for this blog is finding and sharing inexpensive ways to maintain "the lifestyle we have become accustomed to" in this economy.

Over the last year I've been experimenting with various kitty litters for our 3 indoor felines. Even the least expensive "packaged" littee is too costly (and I'm not sure I want my cats playing in those chemicals) - so I've finally come up with this solution.

For about $8.00 total (based on prices in our Virginia area), this 25 lb bag of basic clay litter ($3.00), sparingly mixed with baking soda (bought in the 12 lb bulk size at Sam's for $5.00) will last about 2 months.

The trick is to sift and scoop out the solids about every third day. Doing this will keep the litter fresh for up to 2 months, with periodically adding and mixing a little refresher layer of clay litter, and lightly sprinkling with baking soda.

If you only have one cat, it will last longer. It will also last longer if you don't have a kitten, who thinks the litter box is a private beach and playground.

The other obvious benefit, besides the huge monetary savings, is that this is a natural solution - you can dump this used litter in your flower beds without upsetting the soil balance. *Don't use it in any gardens with edible food, or in a compost pile you plan to use in edible gardens.*

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