Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moonshine...The Original Organic Drink

Before Chewy went green, he hung out at his original blog:

It started out as part of a 365 day group, with the goal being to post one photo a day of your town, thereby giving online friends a way to get to know where you hang your hat. Chewy did well at first, but the truth is our Walmart looks just like yours, and he wandered off track, venturing into Franklin County history, and Virginia history, and the gardens, and the greenhouse, and so on.

So he's decided to keep the history at the Moonshine Capitol where it belongs, and have the gardens and greenhouse over here. Doesn't mean you won't see pretty garden pictures there, and historical pictures here - just not as jumbled up as they have been.

Also - he'll probably import some of the earlier posts on rain barrels and freezing tomatoes over here, to save on having to re-write them all.

Whether here or there, still all Chewy all the time. Black, furry and now, uh, green.


  1. a blog started on george harrison's birthday can't be bad.

  2. Major Beatle trivia here:
    For most of his life George believed his birthday was on February 25th - until a family record came to light in 2007, recording his birth as 11:50 pm, just before midnight, on February 24th.

    But it gets even odder, because although he *knew* his birthday was on Feb 25 (at that time),in the early 1970's George let it slip that he *prefered* to celebrate his birthday on February 24th, because "it felt right" astrologically.

    And even odder: whenever he was away from home, his mother took to calling him every year on his birthday at the precise moment he was born: 12:10 am, on February 25th.

    But then there's that pesky birth certificate, with the 20 minute difference.