Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long Hot Summer

This is what my garden looks like at this late date - note the fluffy mounds of wiregrass in what should be a neatly groomed blueberry patch.

The benches look picturesque and "gardeny" but two are made of logs and became the home for a bee nest last summer, so I'm leery of sitting on them. The third (on the right) was built by my daughter and is solid as a rock -and heavy as one too. It'll last forever and bees don't care for it since it's treated wood.

On a pole between two of the benches is a wooden garden box built by my DH and meant to be a place to stash my gloves, trowel, possibly even a cold drink hidden away from the bees. It needs to be sprayed at least twice a year - once in spring to keep spiders from nesting there, and again in mid-summer, to dash the spiders hopes again when they stop by just to check and make sure.

It occurs to me I may sound phobic about insects.


It's not like we don't have brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, and many different kinds of wasps/hornets/bees that nest in the eaves/in the yucca/in the walkway/in the ground.

And then there's the praying mantis (did you know they bite?). (I would never dream of hurting one of them, but I am careful when reaching into plants).

I'm thinking I definitely am phobic about the insects.

And I'm not even mentioning the crickets.


  1. I think it's a lovely your little toolbox-on-a-stick!

  2. Lovely garden!

    Wasps are one thing I don't get along with -0 very allergic! And this year, they've picked my house to become attached to - sigh. I was attacked (yes, attacked. same one came at me three times)and it landed me with having to call 911 and take a trip in an ambulance to the hospital. Not fun. I love bees and have no problems with them (except being allergic to them), but I really fail to see what good wasps do. I guess there's gotta be something.