Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Garden...Round Two

Okay, so the big garden was a total disaster this year, for various sundry reasons too depressing to mention (mostly those horrid little *(&#*&% stinkbugs), but there's always Round Two....the Winter Greenhouse.

Two weeks ago, I planted several flats of romaine lettuce, a small spinach pot, and a large tub of Early Snowball cauliflower.

They've all come up (not a stinkbug in sight).... and are growing like weeds, so to speak.

Well, except for the spinach. It's looking kindof weak and puny. Might have to plant some more. We'll see.

Shortly after the planting, the nights turned a bit cool, so more than a few of the garden plants were moved in to the greenhouse.

Fiddlefern, valerian, dark-red plants my daughter picks out every year, bloody dock, and comfrey, with some geraniums thrown in - they won't survive the winter, but they get a few more months of summer this way.

Two aquariums full of water plants (they are *so* easy to winter over) to save having to buy more next year for the fountains (they are *so* expensive). In front of the water babies are the three pots of Scottish heather (it will actually go through a second blooming during the winter).

Those are coleus hiding under the gauze -they are sensitive to...well, apparently, just about everything. Too much sun, too much shade, too much heat, too much cold.....picky plants.

I ended up sending several home with my mom to vacation in her sunny windows. These in the greenhouse will be trimmed when it gets cooler so we can put cuttings in water and start new plants for next spring.

Seems like there's just as much gardening to do now as there was during the summer.

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