Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Horror of It All

Isn't this pretty? So fragile and colorful, all delicately curled around the thermometer....

Oh look, it even curled around the pen and the neat little copper-and-wire markers. Just as healthy as it can be...

Climbing, climbing, climbing, tendrils reaching for the bright blue sky....

Oh, look, here's another one, and this time it actually climbed up between the layers of plastic.
Any ideas on how hot it had to be this summer between those layers of plastic....I mean if it was normally 120 in the greenhouse, and 80-90 outside, how hot must the air between the plastic layers have been?

Yet, the morning glory didn't even pause - no wilting - no stunted growth. Nope, not a bit. Tough little suckers.

In fact, it THRIVED. It grew over all the extra pots, the large bulk planters, and it even grew over the locust tree that sprouted in the middle of the greenhouse floor. Now the morning glory and the locust tree (4 feet) are BFF's.

For crying out loud! There's more greenery in there now than in the middle of winter with my intentionally planted crops. In fact, it's so nice in there, the morning glories outside are fighting to get in. They wove themselves around the door, then through the handle (locking out intruders), and then crept silently through the 1/4" gap around the door. Snuck right in.

Tomorrow I get to clean this all out. It was a big job before I knew all this had happened in my absence, now its huge. But, hopefully by the end of tomorrow it'll be cleaned out. And by the end of this next week, I'll have seedlings started for the late fall/winter crops. Maybe some plants too. And of course eventually before the first frost, all the water plants will move in, most of the herbs, and probably a few other lucky chosen plants.

All I have to do is cut my way through.....

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  1. i'm told that it would take very little time - a year or even less - for "all our works" to disappear almost without trace if we were all to be rapt tomorrow... thank the gods for the infinite creativity of Nature!