Monday, February 22, 2010

Herbs and Spices

Slowly but surely our snow is melting.

More is predicted for later this week, but hopefully we are on the downhill side!

One of my favorite online herb suppliers provided two great links today that I wanted to share:

How To Buy, Store and Use Spices


Quick Guide To Every Herb and Spice in the Cupboard

The last link is *almost* every herb in the cupboard, nevertheless it's a good start.

I can't recommend enough having a good mortar and pestle. Years ago I had a marble set, but somehow in a move it was mislaid. Now I use a vintage wooden set - I suspect it's oak and handturned.

Over the last couple years I've learned the value of buying herbs and spices fresh. The difference between a reputable bulk dealer and those little overpriced bottles at the local grocery store is staggering. A week ago I stopped at my local herb store The Well to pick up another 8 oz of Italian seasoning. When I left I ended up with powdered rosemary, oregano oil, and a bottle of stinging nettle tincture, in addition to the Itlaian seasoning. Linda is right - powdered rosemary is much tastier on roast chicken than dried rosemary.

Use these links to expand your choices and then we'll talk about what you can plant in your own garden this spring.


  1. It's up in Bedford, about an 40-50 min east of Roanoke on 460. It's downtown right on the main street (which I think is called Bridge St). But if you follow the link they'll ship anywhere - would probably be cheaper than you driving up there. Although it's worth a trip. Much cheaper than the Roanoke Food Coop across from Grandin (ex. Italian seasoning -Food Coop -$24.99 lb, The Well has it for $16.99). I stop whenever I'm in town to stock up. One of our hs group moms works there on Saturdays too.

  2. Miz Damsel - The Well ships anywhere, and answers email questions too. Lovely people.