Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Planning Stages

This is from last year - as I type there is 4" of snow in this very location. But it's early March which means I need to be getting seeds planted in the flats out in the greenhouse and start planning this year's garden.

Here's my biggest problem this year:


Wiregrass is the Devil. It is an evil, evil plant sent directly from hell.

And it's all over my yard and all in my garden. The straw you see above was an attempt to smother the wiregrass. The carpet you see was an attempt to smother the wiregrass.

Nothing kills it. I even tried spraying it with the equally-evil chemical roundup, and *guess what* wiregrass luuves roundup. It sucks up glasses of it for breakfast and then turns to me and says "More please ma'm."

This year's game plan is to pull up the fencing, and the buried drip hoses, roto-till the garden, rake out as much of the torn up wiregrass roots as possible, and then cover the entire garden in black plastic for the summer, and steambake the soil. This will cancel out all the good from my lasagna garden layers, and kill off some good soil bacteria -BUT- it might also kill the wiregrass.

If it doesn't, there's always the flamethrower.

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