Sunday, August 1, 2010

Morning Glories Should Be Good For Something

The path to my garden. It's in there somewhere.

The cukes I planted 2 months ago. They should be long winding vines by now, loaded with cucumbers.

The blueberry patch, after a month of drought and 2 torrential rains. I cannot even begin to think about where to start.

Straw bales - totally not working. Almost the entire tomato crop was planted in these.

Butternut squash. Vine is dead, leaving this little mutant.

One cherry tomato plant in the straw bales has fruit, although every single one is split from too much rain at once. Note the healthy flowers that are climbing up the tomatoes.

There are several healthy gourds. Not a bumper crop, but a few.

This is this year's bumper crop. Anyone who knows me well knows this is my favorite flower. Roses can come and go, but a morning glory is breathtaking.

Plus they're easy to grow, don't care about water, propagate themselves, and are next to impossible to kill.

They also cross-breed, resulting in all sort of color combinations.

Cloudy days bring out walls of blossoms.

Deep jewel tone colors show up on both flowers and leaves...

This vine had both pink and purple blossoms -I've never seen that before.

Sometimes the colors reverse to white with a star.
And sometimes they blend and produce two colors on one blossom -with a glow from inside.

But usually a morning glory is just it's usual intense breathaking beautiful self.

Now if I could just find some way to harvest and eat them.


  1. Carole - Beautiful pics - Thank You!!

  2. Those are beautiful. I can see why they are your favorite! My favorites are those flowers and plants that don't die under my care. (I am a horrible plant mama!)

  3. I am glad to see that i am not the only one having poor luck with straw bale gardening. Everything thrives briefly, then dies a slow death. I am in VA as well, I wonder if it is more successful in some regions than others.

  4. Oh, I am glad to see someone else who loves morning glories. Justin absolutely hates them and pulls them down as the wind their way around our fence and up the deck.
    They are so beautiful and demand morning strolls.