Monday, October 18, 2010

Lavender and Magick

I grow a lot of lavender, partly for the fragrance, and partly because it's such an unusual plant. Sometimes it appears dusty gray, turning bright green when a misty rain falls. Sometimes it looks almost dead, but after a heavy rain the plants pop back as if they've always been green and bushy.

And the flowers! Flowering lavender is one of the most incredible plants for a garden of any size - the depth of color against the bright green spires, flowers waving in a summer breeze, and the fragrance is overpowering but not cloying.

But what of magick? Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its calming sleep-inducing qualities. Those who practice magick use it for love spells and rituals (as well as for spells to attract money, proving that love and money can go hand in hand although not in my personal experience).

For the ghost hunters among us, try carrying a tiny sachet of lavender (it's known to attract spirits or....other entities).

A few drops of lavender essential oil can be sprayed on sheets or pillows before bed to induce a peaceful night's sleep. Put a few sprigs under running bath water for a relaxing bath, or add a few drops of essential oil directly to the water.

Dried stalks or flowers can both be burnt to cleanse the air (especially good idea for the dead of winter, if you've thought ahead and dried some of your summer crop).

A relaxing lavender tea can be made from dried or fresh flowers (said to promote a peaceful feeling, good health and longevity).

If nothing else, the perfume from the flowers is intoxicating, the plants are drought resistent and lavender makes the bees deliriously happy (and slightly drunk).


  1. I don't know if our East Texas summer was too hot this year. I set out a bunch of lavender - two different kinds, and both varieties died. I watered and watered and fed, but they croaked. Any tips on growing it? I thought it took full sun and that's where it was...

  2. Lavender loves full sun and water -I think the weather all over is just messed up. My lavender flowered way too early, as did my basil (it went to seed around the first of August, about 2 months early). It's as if the entire gardening calender is pushed ahead 2 months.