Monday, October 4, 2010

Magick Sage

Since this is Halloween month, it seems only natural to mention that many of the everyday herbs in my garden historically have had magick powers attributed to them.

The ancient Druids believed sage could be used to raise the dead (see here for more on zombies). Not likely I'd want to do that anytime soon, results being uncontrollable and all.

The Druids also believed that a healthy crop of sage indicated a home where the wife ruled the household. Evidently husbands would prune the plants back just to show they weren't henpecked. My husband knows better.

Sage is credited with granting wisdom, psychic awareness, long life and wealth. But, by far, its most potent aspect is wisdom and learning ("sage advice").

At our house, sage is dried and burnt to clear the air, while a sage rinse keeps my hair healthy.

Sage is easy to grow. Just make sure your husband doesn't use the weed whacker on it. Plays havoc with the psychic energy.

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  1. Best use is for sage & onion stuffing...I'll pass on the zombies!