Friday, March 19, 2010

Bales Upon Bales Upon Bales

Picked up 10 more bales today to line the side of the garage (that IS NOT a black snake, it's the soaker hose for that area).....

Also grabbed another bag of soil - this will be laid out on top of the bales, and the cucumber seeds planted there. Then watered every day, or every other day with the soaker hose. One day in June, the cucumber vines will be all leafy and green, and they will hide the soaker hose, and inevitably I will forget about it, then catch a glimpse, shriek, and kill the soaker hose with my hoe.

I promise you this will happen.

The daylilies are back at the spigot.

I had three extra bales after finishing off the garage bed, so they were added to the yard. These bails will get soil, seeds or plants, and soaker hose as well.

Something in the greenhouse is eating the tops off my broccoli and cauliflower. But only in those two tubs. the other blats and pots are left untouched.

Comfrey is back! I think I'm going to add some more plants -I love the way I can use it for mulch and making fertilizer water, and, of course, comfrey salve.

Tomorrow is repair day for one of the faucets that froze and broke, plus starting to get the pond water system thought out.

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  1. Hahaha! I LOVE the part about you killing the soaker hose in June!! Too funny! :)