Monday, March 15, 2010

Romaine and Bales

Sounds like a law firm....

I rearranged the straw bales again, just in time to catch a huge rainstorm that began wetting them down. I'm thinking I can plant a few big container tubs and set them in the open area, or/and arrange gourd plants (they always cooperate and cover large amounts of area).

I've been in search of the elusive legume inoculant that I need to sprinkle on the bales before planting peas or beans. Having no luck locally, I ordered it online from Planet Natural. I haven't used them before, so no recommendation yet. I did notice they have quite a few hydroponic supplies, and that's something else I've been wanting to try.

While at the feed store looking for inoculant, I found 9-packs of romaine lettuce and picked up a couple.

Twelve romaine plants went here, in big tubs, then covered with an old cotton curtain panel to keep out bunnies. It also filters the light and lets the rain come through.

They'll look better after they recouperate from transplanting.

The remaining 6 plants were planted in the greenhouse - just stuck in wherever there was room.

Meanwhile the romaine planted from seed is finally popping up.

Also ordered a 60% shade cloth this weekend for the greenhouse -with its help, I'm hoping to grow lettuce and spinach all summer.

Hope springs eternal.

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