Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Leg Up To Climb On

Since the tornado weather is coming our way tomorrow, today was the day to work on the yard. First the mowing, then putting up fencing for the peas and soon-to-be-planted tomatoes.

This "fencing" is actually left over wire that goes in concrete, zip-tied to rebar poles. We put two rows across, one a few inches above the peas, and the other at the top of the rebar. In between I'll run a wire line, so the peas can jump the gap.

The little peas just have to grow another three inches before they can grab hold and start climbing.

I love zip ties! Mid-summer I'll be zip-tying the tomatoes to their fencing.

Speaking of which, the tomato fencing went up this afternoon too. Tomatoes will be planted along the back side and the bottom arm of the bales.

Now their fencing is in place. Extra added bonus: the fencing posts and rebar poles are placed very tightly against the end bales, so that when the bales loosen naturally from decomposition the poles will act like bookends to keep them intact.

Hopefully it will all remain in place after tomorrow's stormy weather!

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