Saturday, May 8, 2010

Off On Off On Off On Off On

This is our back door.

(Yes I know we need to power wash the siding. Move past that.)

More importantly, notice the small wood sign. One side says "on" and it can be flipped over to the other side which says ........yes....... "Off".

This is one of my most important pieces of gardening equipment. The water faucet used to water my gardens is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy out in the middle of the backyard. I have an amazing ability to forget to turn it off, or leave it running intentionally, meaning to leave the drip hose on for a half hour, but then forgetting all about it, remembering it three or four hours later.

No more.

This little wooden sign hangs outside the back door - it's impossible to go in or out, or leave in a vehicle without being reminded that either I *am* watering or I *need* to water something.

Well, it's not impossible.

So there's another one inside the back door.

Between the two signs there will be no more incidents of $50 and $60 water bills.

Cause I really had to grow a lot of lettuce to compensate for that little mistake.


  1. PERFECT!!! :) That's really too funny Carole. My step-mother has post-it notes on their sliding glass door to let her know when it is closed. Apparently you can only walk into the thing so many times before you need a reminder.