Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snarky comments

Were made by an old friend this week when I sent him some photos of last years garden (and me in it) (you know who you are), more or less implying my garden looked pretty sad (or possibly that I looked sad, which I can totally see). Today's pics are just to emphasize that those pics were of LAST YEARS GARDEN - when I was still trying to plant peppers in the middle of the wiregrass patch. This years garden is all about the straw bales and black plastic (to kill said wiregrass invasion), and it's growing just fine, thank you very much.

The photo above is just one of 19 blueberry bushes that are loaded with fruit that should mature in about 3-4 weeks.

The peas are over a foot high and have reached the first rung of their trellis. Hopefully the heat won't kill them before they blossom. The heat has come on very early this year (it was 85 today).

Baby horseradish is coming up everywhere, I planted an entire bed of comfrey today, transplanted three 12" broccoli plants, thinned basil seedlings, did the mowing (including the trim work and the weed whacking), weeded the extra raised bed, unloaded two trailer loads of mulch, and then we got to work.

Actually, by this time I just watched the husband and my dad load these logs. They hauled off two trailer loads, which meant the trailer tires (of course) were low and had to have air added.

Then they got the idea to check the spare tire, which also turned out to be flat. That led to a discussion of whether or not it was sealing properly. After getting the whole tire situation straightened out, the logs were hauled off to dad's farm, where I have no idea what they are doing with them.

But they have 52 acres so there's probably room for them somewhere.

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  1. It was a great tree, 100 yes old maybe, struck by lightning, brought down by a hurricane. Really, it deserves a good funeral pyre send off -- marshmallows? Juts thinking about it, I'm going to have one of these nice sam adams...