Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Peas!

And I've already eaten the one on the bottom. All of a sudden the vines are loaded with blossoms and peas. We've had rain at some point almost every day this week,so the broccoli is coming to fruit, the blueberries are just barely starting to turn, and the comfrey is spreading.

The first cherry tomatoes are out, and a couple larger tomatoes but I'm not impressed with them,but hopefully those plants will give better fruit in the long run.

Very very first morning glory (my favorite flower). I've pulled up a lot this year so they don't overtake the garden, but there's plenty left over.

The straw bales are growing their own mushroom crops - at least six or seven varieties.

This one looks to have been nibbled, hope the bunny had a nice trip.

These look like they came out of some Gothic tattoo catalog.

And these look for all the world like little buttons.

The family yuccas are in high bloom right now - all the ancestors are tied up in these.

And in the fountain, the water iris has perfect blossoms.

The hard part is done - now all I have to do is tie plants up, put out netting and CD's on the berries to keep the birds away, fertilize in mid-summer, and wait for that first exquisite fresh tomato.


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than the first ripe tomato, fresh from the garden, warm from the sun, a little salt and juice dripping down your chin...

  2. Oh, things are looking good in your garden!! We're seeing quite a few green cherry tomatoes and a few peppers on our plants...can't wait until pickin' time (:


  3. Great pics! Took a day off from gardening to read The Help. So worth the wait! What a wonderful book - thank you for recommending it!!
    Happy gardening & reading!!