Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basil Updates and A Couple New Ideas

One thing I may have forgotten to mention is that the basil ice cubes we made a few days ago take a long time to freeze.

Today they are finally done and here's the photos to prove it.

The cubes even smell like fresh basil, and they are all dark green and have that "frozen in time" look. Now I'm wanting cold weather, so I can get the soup pot out, and toss in a couple of these in for seasoning.

Meanwhile, three ice cube trays of basil cubes is just enough to fill a gallon size zip loc bag. Then they went right back into the freezer.

Also - damselindisdress posted a comment on the previous basil post -and asked about putting whole basil leaves in the freezer-by themselves -in a ziploc. I've never tried it, but I certainly will - as soon as my basil plants grown back a bit.

That led me to wondering what about using those snack size ziplocs, and putting whole leaves in them, and adding water -somewhat like herbal popsicles? I'll be trying that too.


  1. I've never heard of putting them in ice cube trays like that - cool!! We have put them in our freezer in a bag before. Works well, just keep 'em frozen till needed.

  2. They are perfect for using later!

    Have you ever frozen peas & beans without blanching first? I have an avalanche of them....


  3. I've cut up and froze sugar snap peas without blanching. Using a foodsaver (vacuum packer) they turn out okay. Otherwise they get freezer burn after several weeks (mine did anyays). I don't eat other peas or beans but my freezer book I have here only has instructions that include blanching. Maybe google it?