Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great new gardening site (and nice pictures too)

In real life I am an online bookseller (shameless plug: Ebay ID Chewyboo, and Chewybooks on Amazon), so for the last couple days I have been tied up sorting books, and then setting up a local library book sale instead of working out in my garden.

So I thought I'd make a quick post today and mention an incredible gardening site I've found:

It offers online groups to join for everything gardening related from compost to vegetables to gardening with moon to naming flowers to square foot gardening, and just about every other topic you can think of - plus a place to post your own garden pics, a blog to post to, and like-minded people to help with questions.

Meanwhile, my blueberry crop is done for this year, I've picked 3 Golden Jubilee tomatos, 4 cherry tomatos, and 2 small cukes. In about 2 weeks, the first wave of produce should arrive and I will be busy chopping and freezing.
Meanwhile, the hollyhocks.....

morning glory....

and more morning glories, are out in full force.

Still no rain, although a fall weather forecast was released today saying that El Nino will bring lots of rain this fall and winter to our area. A lot of help that will be.....

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  1. Love all the iris photos (of course), and the double day lily (I actually have some of those blooming).