Sunday, July 5, 2009


The only word to describe that very first tomato off the vine. This time it was a Golden Jubilee (last year Mr. Stripey took first place). An absolutely perfect tomato, still warm from the sun.

In spite of all the mistakes and problems this season, a few plants are cooperating. The gourds have finally kicked in (for awhile I thought this would be one of those years they just didn't come up. Ever). I love gourds - the leaves are the size of dinner plates, soft and fuzzy, and smell like baking bread.

Although the hollyhock flowerbed has peaked (it needs to be re-seeded), and significantly fewer plants come up each year, there are still stunning blooms appearing. Originally, the bed colors were pink and dark black, but over the years they have morphed and in-bred to this dark pink bordering on maroon.

Finally, it wouldn't be summer without my favorite flower -morning glories. I've planted and replanted so many times that the colors have inter-mixed and now appear in blue, purple, white, pink, and petals with stripes of every possible combination.

Fortunately, something goes right in the garden each week. Otherwise, after last week I'd have been tempted to pave it all and paint it green.

Of course, the wiregrass would still come up through the concrete.


  1. Ohhhh - that tomato looks so yummy - and I love the flower pics. I love morning glories too.

  2. We haven't had tomatoes yet but will keep you posted!