Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting for Big Red Tomatoes

So I just wandered around the garden to kill time.

I love photos of green plants, detailed green leaves, and pretty much anything green, but sometimes it's fun to play with the colors, or go back to black and white (my first love in photography).

One of my broadleaf water garden plants, casting a shadow in the background, on a limestone gravel background.

I love sepia-tone photos of any kind, vintage historical or modern. In this case, this is my brilliant yellow water canna, at it's flowering peak, with three blooms and numerous buds ready to pop. The sepia brings out its graceful lines.

Same broadleaf that was bright purple in the top photo - the sepia really shows off the texture of the leave, and the iris blades that come up to meet it.

Broadleaves from above, in a lighter sepia, showing the one iris blade that curled over and around it.

But nothing beats the brillant deep green of the iris plants -sometimes they almost seem to glow.

But this sepia-toned, high-contrast photo of the water garden pretty much sums up the entire garden this time of year: totally out of control.


  1. I'm waiting for my tomatoes to ripen too Carole - can't wait for the first ones!