Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Max and His Hollyhocks

Max, on the right, usually spends his mornings sleeping in the sunshine with his buds.

But this time of year, Max is preoccupied with his garden.

Max raises 10 foot hollyhocks. This is his third year. The old hollyhock bed runs right alongside the fencing of the puppy yard. Every year it gets a little thinner as the hollyhocks migrate through the fence, into Max's dominion. Every year my hollyhocks get shorter and sparser, and Max's get taller, brighter, and thicker.

This year the hollyhocks are red with maroon details.

Plain and ruffled.

The behind-the-scenes look.

The blossoms still have pollen on them (this means next years hollyhocks will be even thicker).

He refuses to tell me how he lures them over to his side of the fence, or how he gets them to grow so tall.

He says it's a trade secret.

Whatever it is, he runs right out there first thing every morning to check on them.

Next year I may put him in charge of the rest of the garden too.


  1. Those hollyhocks are gorgeous! And Max is a cute gardener! Send him to my house!

  2. Way to go Max! Those are some awesome looking hollyhocks!Plato and Ginger are proud!

  3. I have a Max too, but my Max likes to dig up the garden, not help it grow...
    those Hollyhocks are gorgeous!

  4. It must be lovely having a dog with green paws!

  5. Love your hollyhocks! I'm just a little bit amazed to see three schnauzers actually lying down quietly.