Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Day in Paradise...More or Less

Morning glories are my favorite flower, but even I have to admit they spread like crazy and last summer completely took over the potato patch. So this year I've been pulling most of them up. I've left one bank near the garage door. Then, this stubborn little bloom poked it's head out of the basil pot. No idea how it came about, since I always plant blue and purple, but, hey there it is.

Just haven't got the heart to pull it. Hope it doesn't strangle the basil.

The water plants are in full bloom including the deep purple iris.

This shot is from late last week -these container tomatoes have grown at least another foot since then. Oddly though there aren't many blossoms (meaning there won't be many tomatoes). I noticed the same with the sugar snap peas. I've also noticed this year the broccoli going directly to flower and seed, without forming heads, and I've had to pinch off the basil twice already to keep it from going to seed. This is all running a month ahead of where it should be.

While talking with another gardener this weekend I discovered she and others had the same problems - literally a sped-up gardening season. Every year the plants have popped a little earlier, and the crops get skimpier as the plants go straight to seed. If this keeps up, our main vegetable growing season may be February to June, using cold frames in the first two months,then replanting in September for a December harvest.

The yuccas bloom when it gets hot and this year instead of blooming one stalk and then having it die down, they've grown one or two extra stalks, with a second set of blossoms on each stalk.

This year's swing garden is a little sad. I had a project in mind for a in-ground pond for Nessie to swim in, but it's not happening, so she's bobbing out of gravel, with potted plants and the gnome to keep her company. This year there's more projects than energy and time.

But the swing garden does have the fragrant smell of lavender (which is also early this year).

This year it'll just have to be enough.

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  1. It all looks lovely, Carole (except for poor Nessie, but you can't be perfect every year!)

    Dad says the warm snap in the spring made everything come out earlier and confused the plants.