Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Mice and Mint

We live in an old house. Really old, as in built in 1858. Therefore (and it is inescapable) we have mice from time to time. Or more accurately, we remember we have mice from time to time. I'm sure they have an entire mousey metropolis' complete with tunnels and elevators to the buffet in our kitchen, probably complete with little waiting lines.

When we are reminded that we have mice (observe the tiny mousey calling cards left in the towel drawer), the solution is simple. Skip the old-fashioned mousetraps (and the pinched fingers) and leave the D-Con on the store shelf.

Go out to the mint patch and cut a handful. Spearmint or peppermint or any mint - doesn't matter. Turns out our mouse friends despise mint, both the taste and the fragance.

I cut the mint stalks into 5-6" pieces.

And strew them evenly throughout my kitchen drawers and cabinets,

and tuck them in anywhere the mice may be,

including those areas that serve as a mouse highway to the buffet areas.

And, if you are so lucky as to know the precise location of the mice-revolving-door, tuck a few branches in there as well. The branches will continue to deter our little friends even after they dry out. I replace mine approximately every four weeks.

Mint is the perfect guilt-free, non-toxic solution to all our mousey problems.


  1. Fantastic hint! thank you! I will be telling my customers about it. (And I will be bringing mint home to plant tomorrow!)

  2. Claudia- Remember mint is an invasive plant. It will grow and grow and grow, whether you want it to or not, and it will return the following year, bigger and better than ever. So plant it where you don't mind it spreading, or pot it. My mint "patch" is now a 12 x12' garden.

  3. That's good to know! I like environmentally friendly pest control. Got anything for husband's? ;)

  4. This is a very interesting tip. I'll have to remember it if I happen to find anymore in my outlets!