Monday, June 21, 2010

Birdie Mama

Got out there early this morning, while it was cool (meaning 87 versus 98 later on), watered the tomatoes and cukes, and then cleaned and filled the bird bath. It's turned into a beautiful shady, leafy nook, thanks to the rampant Virginia Creeper vines.

The ground cover is all spearmint which is currently in full flower, and covered with bees of every kind. And the birdies flock to their baths,literally. They line up waiting turns.

Except for this little baby. His mama left him sitting almost next to my faucet and I nearly stepped on him when turning on the water. Mama sat in the tree fussing at me (or him, or both of us). He's one of many mourning doves we have this year, all of them nesting and leaving their babies here and there in the yard.

He just sat tight, and waited for the giant with the big flashing eye to go away and leave him alone.

I think they should bump him to first in line. He's had a scary morning.


  1. Great photos Carole! Poor little baby.


  2. Oh that's so cute :) I love those little baby birds...

    Great pictures and I sure hope he got off the ground!


  3. Oh Carole, such a sweet little guy! How wonderful to get such a close shot of him...well, my tomato and pepper plants are definitely not enjoying the pots they are in (: I have picked quite a few tomatoes, but not enough to really make a meal for two people. I've picked two peppers, but they've been small. I've thought about straw bale gardening, but think it might be too late to start that this year. There are still some tomato plants being sold so I might be able to try it...what do you think? Have I totally missed the opportunity to grow anything this year?


  4. Michele - Make sure the pots are big enough for the plants, and maybe add a bit of Miracle Gro. As far as straw bales-I'm so far not impressed. Thought it was going to work out okay, but out of all my plants only the cherry tomatoes love it. The larger tomatoes just don't seem to be growing, and the other plants, after starting out great, seem to hae stalled out. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, just haven't figured out what it is yet. But my big pots with tomatoes planted in them are doing great (these are pots that are maybe 24" x24"x24" tall. Tomatoes have a large root system. If your pots aren't big enough you can probably still transplant.