Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Visit to the Butterfly Bushes

Forgive the lack of posting for the last few days - we've had lots of rain, the garden is flourishing, I got out to plant and almost all the seedlings are in their respective containers or garden space.

But these last few days the shady corner in the very back of the yard has been our main concern. The ground there is covered with blue vinca and ivy, framed with huge tall pine trees and huge, billowy butterfly bushes that spend the summer covered in large showy purple blossoms and hundreds of butterflies.

It's also where we bury our furkids. First Ethel, our oldest gray "grandma" kitty, then last spring Sweet Girl, and then yesterday, our beloved Miss Millie.

Miss Millie was a 11 year old salt & pepper mini schnauzer, partner to Max, and Mama to four boys, the youngest of which is Chewy (of Green and Chewy).

For a little dog, Millie left a huge hole. No more squeaky fish echoing through the house, no more dancing toenails when someone forgets and says "bacon", no more psychosis-oriented trips to the groomer (there was nothing Millie wasn't afraid of - except bacon), and no more sneaky drooley kisseys when the targeted human least expects it.

So we have all been a little lost the last couple days, especially Chewy. Millie became his adoptive mama when his birth family had a monumental lapse of judgement, and threw Chewy away. We found him, 6 weeks old and frozen. Millie took one look at him and he became her baby for life.

We'll be back in a couple days. We just need to tidy up the ivy and the vinca a bit, back under the butterfly bushes.

Millicent MacGregor Muncy
January 15,1998-May 11,2009

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