Sunday, May 24, 2009

Too Many Projects

Day Two of the Cabana Re-Building: The whole frame was rotted, so we trashed it. Using treated lumber, the frame was rebuilt, and dropped almost 6" in height. In nine years, our "puppies" have aged, and lost their eyesight. The lowered deck, plus the removal of the sunning ramp, will lessen the chance for sprains and broken legs jumping up and down.

I'm thinking a larger version of this would be nice out in the yard, underneath the pergola I've been wanting.

The base of the roof attachment was rotted out on both sides, so it the legs were cut down, and then rebuilt with treated lumber. Overall, it'll be about 6" shorter, which will increase the amount of shade on the deck.

After taking in the tools, we sprayed the puppy yard with flea repellant, and then made pizza.

Tomorrow: treating the base and deck with Thompson's Water Seal, then reattaching the roof to the deck.

If we get done early enough we're going to see Star Trek.

Yah Memorial Day!

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