Friday, May 15, 2009

Vinegar Fixes Almost Everything

I was visiting on another blog last week (
if you've never been, go and read, it's incredible), but at any rate, there was a discussion of how wonderful vinegar is as a hair rinse.

I could only agree since I've been using it myself for years - use it as a rinse in between your shampoo and your conditioner - it cuts through all the build-up that accumulates on your hair, makes it softer, controls dandruff and makes it shinier.

Made me wonder what else vinegar can do. So I did some research and here's a few helpful ideas (remember, in these economically challenged times, vinegar is cheap, and it goes a very, very long way).

  • Pour a cupful to rinse your hair with, then throw the leftovers down into the shower water -it cuts through the soap immediately and helps keep your tub clean.
  • Run a half-cup through your dish washer using the rinse cycle to cleans out any clogs and freshen the machine
  • Once a year you can do the same with your hot tug -dump a gallon of vinegar in and run the tub. Cleans the soap residue out of the jets.
  • One cup vinegar mixed in a gallon of warm water will clean ceramic tile, linoleum,vinyl or wood floors (I mix vinegar and water in my Floormate-keeps the machine clean too).
  • Add 1/2 cup vinegar to the last rinse cycle of laundry for a fabric softener- eliminates static cling as well.
  • Mix equal parts of vinegar and hand cream to care for chapped skin.
  • To relax tired gardening muscles, or itchy skin from weeding, add 8 ouunces of vinegar to your bath water. Sit and soak.
  • Relieve sunburn by splashing or spraying vinegar directly on skin.

And lastly, my favorite (that I never would have believed until I tried it):

For heartburn, skip all the various medicines and just drink a swig of vinegar. Actually the proper recipe is 2 tablespoons mixed in half cup of water, but I judt find it easier to swig a mouthful. I just googled this and found lots of official sites saying "it doesn't work" and just as many alternative therapy sites recommending it. As with anything - don't swig vinegar everyday. if you have heartburn that often, go see a doctor. I have occasional heartburn, and use vinegar - it works for me.

Thanks to Heinz Distilled White Vinegar Over 100 Helpful Household Hints for the extra hints on hand cream and sunburn - just in time for gardening season!

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  1. My grandmother always used vinegar in water for washing windows - nothing else - and then dried off with newspaper & the windows are clean, sparkling & smear-free. My mum did it too & so do I!