Monday, May 18, 2009

It's May 18, For Crying Out Loud!

I've just finished dragging DH out to help cover the plants.

Not with mulch. Not with straw.

But with sheets and old curtains.

It's May 18th -and we have a strong possibility of FROST tonight.

We're in Virginia -not Canada!

So tomatos, peppers and blueberries are covered and tucked in. All of the terrace plants (ferns, more tomatos, basil, dill, coleus', bloody dock, geraniums and hanging plants) have been moved under the carport. The fountains are turned off, and covered with sheets.

The idea is to keep the frost off the leaves. The cool air isn't that bad for them, but even that light little bit of iciness directly on leaves will turn healthy leaves into a brown gooey mess.

On the other hand, the broccoli and lettuce are cavorting out there - they love the cold nights.

Hopefully, this will be the last of the cool temps!

Now go cover your plants. You haven't really lived until you've run around in a pitch black back yard with only flip flops on, draping your best sheets over plants.

Take my word for it.

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