Tuesday, May 5, 2009

If I Can't Garden In the Rain...

I can at least walk out to the greenhouse, and pick lettuce for tonight's salad.

On the way, the broccoli has flourished in the rain. It's added at least another 3" in height in the last two days. The bok choy has exploded as well, finally reaching that turning point where the possums can nibble on it at night, without killing the plant (thereby leaving some for us, on the off chance we might want some boy choy for ourselves). The plastic jugs for the most part are no longer needed at night, but I'm leaving them out just in case.

Out in the greenhouse, the garlic has sprouted. I wasn't sure it would, since these cloves were from last year and they were accidentally left in the greenhouse over the summer, not the best idea, since hot and humid is not considered optimal storage for seeds/garlic cloves.

Remember this little cauliflower from a week or so ago?

Look at it now. Another 3-4 days and it will be ready to pick.

Even the green pepper and tomato seedlings are blooming.

Planting in wet heavy soil is not recommended, but if I don't get some clear sky here shortly, we may have to push the envelope, and plant irregardless.

Remind me in July of how fustrated I was with the rain.

1 comment:

  1. I love the part about possums leaving some bok choy for y'all!! A "wonderful" side effect of making your yard more natural - you end up feeding a lot more than just your human family! ;)
    That cauliflower looks FANTASTIC!! YOU GO!!! WOW!
    We're trying our best to be grateful for the rain. We really need to get out there and plant too, and the rain is certainly holding us up on that - but like I said, we're trying to just be grateful that it isn't a drought .. yet. :)